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All You Need to Know About SugarCRM's Expansion

SugarCRM is a household name in the CRM industry. It is popular for secure, consistent operations. But in a market that is as competitive as the CRM industry, it’s important for them to constantly update & grow its product’s horizons.


The thing about the technology industry is that it is extremely fast-paced and wide. Companies start and end operations every day. Another common thing to happen is mergers and acquisitions. This year SugarCRM is on a roll to acquire a bunch of software companies.


About two months ago, they bought an email integration tool, Collabspot. This tool integrates your preferred email providers to your CRM.



Their latest acquisition, however, is the one we are going to focus on in this article. Last week, SugarCRM made a game-changing move by buying Salesfusion, a marketing automation solutions provider.


SugarCRM hopes to “streamline campaign management, drive personalized engagement, improve conversion and transform customer experience throughout the customer journey,” says Craig Charlton, the CEO of SugarCRM.


He added further that the software seeks to enable marketing and sales people to “take action on customer insights and focus on high-impact value-added offerings.”


Logan Henderson, the CEO of Salesfusion added to this vision by saying that both the firms believed that “the next wave of innovation in B2B is sharply focused on the customer experience.”To understand this merger, let’s see what Salesfusion brings to the table:


  • Drive & Track Traffic


Salesfusion is majorly known for providing its users with a unified platform to perform marketing activities like Social, Search, and SEO. Their in-built suite of these marketing tools helps their users to enhance their brand visibility and increase web traffic. After driving traffic on your website, the Salesfusion software lets you understand engagement and conversions as well.


  • Automated Campaigns


With Salesfusion, users can create smart campaigns to improve their conversion rates. These automated campaigns give marketers the freedom & time to dig deep into the data. Users can create landing pages, professional emails, forms, etc.


  • Nurture


Salesfusion help marketers recognize the customer’s buying cycle stage and allows them to engage the customers with relevant content in order to convert into a paying customer.


  • Analytics


Salesfusion provides extensive analytical tools for greater insights into marketing metrics. After conducting a campaign from Salesfusion, you can easily track its performance and understand what’s working among your targeted audience. This way you can smartly allocate your resources to yield best results.


This merger is set to make life easier for marketers and sales professionals giving them everything on a unified platform.


With Collabspot and Salesfusion, SugarCRM is building its dream team which will directly affect its position in the market.


And as SugarCRM CEO Craig Charlton states that was just the beginning of many more game-changing announcements that would dramatically transform their company for employees, customers, partners, and the industry.


So, if you are a SugarCRM user be ready to get some innovative changes this year.


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