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4 Most Important SEO Factors to Improve Your Search Rankings

In 2018, Google introduced some drastic changes to algorithms. One of the examples is AI. Google almost used AI to filter approx, 30% of search queries in 2018. The other thing to consider is, a website with the most links is not likely to always rank at the top. There is a number of other ranking factors behind your rankings. To push your website towards improved search results, a good user experience, technical SEO, and quality content are one of the most important areas to focus. To get you more into the topic here are the top 4 most important factors influence your search rankings:

Structured Data

Structured Data is an important aspect to pass all the information about your website to search engines. It’s a way of communicating information about your website to Google. For example, if you have a business based on food, your SEO services company can implement rich cards to display all the necessary information in the search. The type of information you can display with structured data is working hours, pricing, product reviews and so on. It will enhance your search appearance and will improve your CTR rate.


Podcasts are a modern form of content. They are also considered as an extension of content marketing. A podcast is a new way to consume a great amount of content. If you have a website or product which can drive quality content to your audience, this content marketing method can help you. If you hire professional SEO services, they would help you make a content strategy that includes sponsorships, promoting specific contents, products, services and so on.

Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience is the utmost important ranking factor. A study by SearchMetrics says that all of the topmost visible domains in the search are mobile friendly. Today, Mobile friendliness is a norm, and it is important to note that your content is responsive on all the mobile platforms. One more thing to keep in your checklist is that when you are processing your mobile version site, you should launch it only after it’s competition. Because a broken or an incomplete version may affect your rankings.


When your website is packed up with quality backlinks, your website would look more trustworthy to search engines. So, whenever you link your website to any third-party domain, make sure that you link it from a quality aka authority website. And an authority website is a domain with quality, relevant content with an appropriate audience. Additionally, you can consider its DA (Domain Authority) as well. For the full-fledged advantage, a good number of social signals such as Facebook likes, shares, tweets is likely to influence your Google rankings.


Looking back to the days, we have seen Google evolving its algorithms for more quality rich content, backlinks, and most importantly mobile experience. There are numerous other factors responsible to influence your rankings. It is wise to opt for a Professional SEO service, work on the above-mentioned factors, and I am sure you’ll come out ahead of the competition.


How an Integrated Odoo ERP Can Help Salon And Spa Businesses?

Let’s talk about the ‘Recession Proof’ Industry. Any guesses? Well, I am talking about salons and spas. The most relaxing destinations to be. A study from Money Magazine states that women spend an average of $15,000 on salon and spa industry products. While the customer base of these industries is growing rapidly, it is important to improve the service quality and to earn a good amount of profit as well.


Now, how to streamline the business process for better ROI and business growth in such a competitive and ever-growing beauty industry? ERP software, for long, is known to allow businesses to automate back-office functions related to technology, services, and human resources. Odoo is a well-known Open Source ERP platform that helps manage multiple business applications from a single space. Odoo ERP contains important business benefits including a robust customization ability, dedicated community, for all business types.


With the help of Odoo ERP, Salon and Spa industry experts can automate their offline work. It encourages better business services and rapid growth in the market. Read this article to know how Odoo ERP can bring your beauty business to the top of the charts.

Book Your Appointments Online

Do you want your customers to wait in a long queue? How about letting them book appointments according to their availability? You can avoid the rush at the counters and show real-time booking availabilities by leveraging the benefits of Odoo ERP Development.

Your customers can make the appointments for themselves at their own convenience even during the weekends. You can send them automated email/SMS reminders prior to their appointment dates. You can even reschedule the meeting based on your availability.

Bonus tip: Embedding the appointment links on your website, email signatures, or on social media is an effortless way to get more customers.


Make Customer Relationship Management Easy

A well-known American businessman Michael LeBoeuf quoted that ‘A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all’. And to make that happen, CRM should be your top priority. You can assess your business’ performance to analyze that which service is performing better. This can help you improve your services and establish a strong connection with your customers. Not just that, you can also handle your marketing services. It includes generating loyalty cards, managing discounts, creating attracting campaigns, and so on…

Inventory Management

When it comes to the Salon and Spa Industry, inventory management becomes crucial. This is because there are a lot of products in use at the same time! To keep the track of each product, Odoo ERP Solution comes with this useful module. Here’s what you can do with it:


  1. Shift the products easily and keep a note of them.
  2. Assign barcodes to each product.
  3. Track the ordered products from the supplier with the receipt to manage the inventory.
  4. Manage the expired products in the ‘scrap section’.

Human Resource Management

This module comes of use when you want to assign a beautician to the customers. To be able to do that, you have to generate a category for employees in the Odoo ERP. After that, you can assign a particular beautician to the scheduled appointment. It is also possible to categorize the employees according to their work experience. This way, your work allocation process becomes easier. In case you want to restrict sensitive pieces of information for the HR managers, it is doable. You can generate alerts for new leave requests, manage applications, and work on allocation requests easily.

Point of Sales (POS)

In the beauty industry, cash transactions happen more often. Point of Sales aka (POS) makes all the retail transactions efficient. Since this module is parameter-driven, you can set up your own parameters and the pay code with default to cash. Daily sales of products, delivery of products, and invoices are the major features provided by this module. In that case, you can keep track of all the accounting entries in the appropriate accounts. Take a look at some of the features of POS:

  • Allocate the discounts, loyalty cards, with POS to the set of regular customers
  • Accept mixed payment methods
  • Keep a track of payments and dues of regular customers
  • Maintain sales transactions, invoice, receipts, retail management, and taxes


In a Nutshell

Managing a business is not an easy task. And when it comes to the beauty industry, you have to streamline the process in the right way to serve quality results rapidly. As mentioned above, Odoo ERP solutions can help you automate the business processes.

Your customers can book an appointment for themselves. You can manage the product inventory, perform safe money transactions, keep track of employees’ status and more. This way, you can escape the traditional business methods for well-organized work culture as well as better ROI.

Magento Development Trends to Watch Out for in The Year 2019

Magento’s magic never ceases to impress. Year after year, the platform has offered the most flexible and impeccable ways to develop online stores. Not just that, it has also offered ecommerce development services providers with better control over content, features, and functionalities. Even when it comes to marketing the website or making its presence felt using SEO techniques, Magento never fails.


Today, we will talk about Magento Development Trends that you must look out for and how a Magento Development Company can help you implement the trends for your website. But before we do that, let’s go back to the Magento Ecommerce scenario in 2018.


A Throwback to Magento Ecommerce in 2018

In the year 2017, Magento had introduced speed improvements so that it can provide better user experience. Magento developers also embraced the idea and started creating websites that would load fast and work well. The website speed and usability enhancements enabled businesses to conduct better A/B tests with unified payment transactions and boosted security.


Pertaining to this trend, 2018 was about improving the conversion rates with the help of opt-in elements and pop-ups. Now that it is coming to an end, we must have trends in place for 2019. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at


Magento Development Trends to Watch Out for in The Year 2019


Include AI & Chatbots


The future wherein the devices converse, resolve issues, and make lives easier is already here! And Magento Ecommerce isn’t far in this race. As you all know, the major aim of artificial intelligence is to reach the customers in the best way possible and know about their preferences in buying. Using it, ecommerce store owners can design their supply chain easily.


Using Artificial Intelligence, you can target customers based on their choices and provide them with a personalized shopping experience. While AI alters the buyer experiences, chatbots can have a conversation with your customers in the absence of your customer care executives. Giants like Amazon and IKEA already make the most out of these technologies. And they would expand their horizons to other businesses by the year 2020. Think about it!

Charm through Micro interactions


It is always fun to interact with websites. It’s quite a lot like human interaction. And micro interactions are the most powerful way to charm your customers. Every time your customer visits your website, you can create a delightful and engaging moment for them. Let’s say you navigate your customers with different messages like “Welcome” “Let’s see what we have in store for you” “But wait a minute” “Is this what you want?” and so on.


Such techniques keep the users focused and make them feel like you are acknowledging them. So, speak with the Magento developers and highlight the things you need to, provide visual inputs, call to action etc. It is sure to go a long way in 2019 and for many more years to come.

Offer Bespoke Experiences


If someone asks me to name a company that serves the best personalized experiences, the first name to pop up in my mind would be – Google. Even if it is into data serving. The same applies to your Magento e-store. You need to offer product recommendations based on your customers’ choice, create customer specific products, offers, discounts, coupons etc. By doing so, you can ensure that your customers stay loyal to you and choose you over your competitors.


Whether your customers are buying from your brick and mortar store or from your website, you must serve them based on their choice. When you cater your customers with bespoke experiences and desirable products, you are sure to achieve your targets.

Go Live


Nowadays, it’s becoming quite common for ecommerce websites to Go Live. If you approach a Magento Development Company, they would definitely suggest you to add live video components to your ecommerce website. This is majorly because they work better and gain more viewership as compared to conventionally optimized videos.


If you want to boost your sales and get better customer testimonials, make the most out of live videos to showcase your latest services, products, launches and other offers. In case you do not want to go live directly from your website, you can redirect your visitors to your social media page.

Use Push Notifications


Pop ups and push notifications are the best way to increase customer outreach. They act as a doorway to send tailor made messages for the selected bunch of customers. And the best part? There is no fear of losing them in the spam or inbox. Several studies have proved that push notifications offer unbelievable sales.


All you need to do is hire Magento developer, ask them to provide you with push notification feature and keep your customers informed about the offers on your e-store. However, it is important to remember that you should use Push Notifications to engage with your customers and not overwhelm them. So, decide the intervals at which you wish to send the messages.

Guide through Organic Searches


It doesn’t just end with approaching a Magento Development company and having a web presence on the world wide web. You need to offer organic searches and smarter navigation to your customers. Speak with the developers of the company and ask them to provide you with filters, breadcrumbs, and auto complete options so that your website content becomes easy to find and access.


Also, as soon as there is a visitor on your website, the UI of your website must keep them involved so that they explore your website to the fullest. Remember, if there is no curiosity, it wouldn’t drive sales for you. So, top up your website with the best available features and functionalities.

Winding Up…


No matter how much the ecommerce sector evolves, Magento will never lag behind as a platform. Thanks to its open source technology and elegant features. If you want to implement any of the above features for your website, the developers at Biztech Consultancy would be more than happy to help you navigate.


So, whether you just want to have a over ecommerce trends or want further enhancements for your website, we would be more than happy to help!


Odoo Version 12: Features, Updates, Benefits, and Beyond!

Odoo Developers have bid goodbye to Odoo 11 for long. In the month of October 2018, we witnessed the release of Odoo Version. (We know, we are a little late notifying you about it) But being Odoo Ready Partners and providers, of Odoo Development Services, we like to share the latest developments on the Odoo Front with all our customers. So, without further delay, let’s get to know Odoo Version 12 in details and its benefits.

Odoo 12 Features: What’s New?


The 12th Version of Odoo comes with some radical changes in the Account module. First things first, its configuration is extremely easy which means, even if you’re a non-technical person, you can install it easily. Also, it comes with several accounting features using which the accountants can import vendor bills and use OCR. Document Management will also get easier with this version and last but not least, it provides with the facility to manage IoT devices.


Odoo 12 enables you to handle multiple websites with different themes. Due to this, you will be able to have over 2 websites with their own theme ordering capacities. The best part? You would be able to integrate these with your ERP backend. Ecommerce store owners like this feature especially because it simplifies the whole process of managing different websites easy. Now let us know about the above mentioned Odoo 12 Features in detail:


Odoo 12 Studio


An absolute bliss for users that are looking for a glitch-free self-services feature in the backend. Using Odoo Studio, you would be able to modify different instances and help users to make changes to the reports effortlessly. Not just that, it would also be possible to edit and design reports and change the user interface whenever you want using drag and drop feature.


Customer Kanban View


Want to view information about meetings with customers, number of meetings, and shopping cart details? The Customer Kanban View will fulfill all these purposes and provide with many other customer related particulars.


Calendar & Activities


Keep updated with your upcoming schedules by viewing, tracking, and analyzing different activities. This way, you can always keep on top of your activities with ease.


Channel Modification


Now, you can easily drag and drop different attachments using chatterbox and get live notifications while your customers are typing.


Language Facilities for the Middle East/African Countries


As Arabic users write from right to left, this functionality comes of great use to them. Odoo 12 works with the Arabic language so that Middle Eastern and African clients can make use of vernacular language and work easily without making use of a third-party application or plugin.


Configure Product on Sale Order Line


Place orders and configure the projects from the website with ease. It will have the list of products with different attributes.


Send Messages


Using the new version, you can send SMS to your customers pertaining to your products and services on their mobiles.


Invoice Features


With the help of Odoo 12 invoicing features, you can update the product quantity in the invoice line. Thereafter, it will automatically show in Sales orders’ Invoice Quantity section. In case you have added a new product, it can not be added of in Sales Orders.


Customize Report Templates


This feature of Odoo 12 enables you to manage different reports and their layouts. You can also create template layouts for these reports.


What Are the Business Benefits of Odoo 12?


Talking about Odoo benefits, the best part is, of course, the facility to manage multiple websites. However, ecommerce domain is the one that gets maximum benefit out of this version release. Ecommerce website owners can not only manage more than one websites but also make the most out of shipping integration, payment integration as well as connectivity with their ERP system. Take a look at some more features they can get:


  • Ready building blocks that help in designing web pages
  • Crop image tool that helps while crafting web pages
  • Dashboard design whose UX is similar to Google Analytics
  • Advanced Dashboard for different applications
  • New Shipping Connectors
  • Shipping connectors that enable to contact the carrier, print labels and send tracking links to Customers


IoT Benefits


Odoo 12 has made significant contributions to the management and connectivity of IoT devices. Here’s a sneak peek into the transformations it will make

  • At times, it becomes challenging to keep the machines and workers in sync. With the help Odoo 12, you can easily seek solutions for your problems.
  • Keep your IoT devices connected with your manufacturing process so that it boosts your productivity.
  • It is possible for you to define every step of your machinery’s working and time its working based on your purposes using Odoo 12.

Approach Biztech CS for Odoo 12 Integration and Development


We hope you enjoyed the Odoo 12 features journey with us. The new version is sure to make your current system work better! Being an Odoo Ready Partner, Biztech Consultancy becomes the perfect choice when it comes to integrating Odoo 12. Get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to help you with your business requirements. It’s time to make the most out of Odoo 12 benefits! Are you ready?


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Top 3 Important Applications of Industrial IoT Technology

Industrial IoT market is blooming with each passing day. A research from German Wing says that, 75% of manufacturers have invested in digital factories to serve better services. IIoT, which is also known as Industrial Internet, brings machines and reporting together. It enables companies to solve industry snags with less time and cost.
Let’s go through some of the key applications of Industrial IoT technology:
Digital Factory

If you have worked on the industrial front, you must remember the times when you had to rush at a factory site in emergencies. In such scenario, you know that how crucial it is to undertake the required action. When you have an IoT enabled factory, it enables you to remotely manage your factory units with ease. Not just that, your machinery also transmits operational information directly to the connected systems.
Smart Drones

Currently, these are one of the hot favorite devices among tech lovers. I see many vloggers shooting their travel videos with drones. In a near future, one can use drones either as a sensor or a connector between sensors and data collection points. The biggest example of this is Amazon. You must be aware that it delivers products using drones.
Logistic Optimization

Logistic is the area which demands constant improvement. If you work with a logistic company, you will be aware of the importance of on time delivery with other aspects. For this department, IIoT solutions provide reporting at an advance level. This way, it becomes easy to get instant product reports and data for precise records in ERP systems.
IIoT In a Nutshell

Industrial IoT is the fastest growing technology with endless possibilities for future. To set your benchmark in the industry, you will need to work on improving your proficiency. You can adapt the IIoT solutions for better management, automation, low cost and time consumption as and when the time is right. Has your enterprise planned to take an advantage of IIoT in place? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Enhancing the Performance of Your Magento Store: The Finest Guide

A thriving Magento store on world wide web is a dream come true. When the venture is new and exciting, it is sure to get some attention, traffic, and sales. But in few years, your presence becomes dull, drab, and boring. This is when you need to spruce up your store, enhance its performance and grab some attention for your relatively old website. So, how do you go about improving your e-store’s performance? Do you hire a Magento developer to help you? Do you revamp your entire website?


Well, there are a lot of things you can do. Read through this guide as we provide you with some quick and significant actions for making your store user-friendly and intuitive.



  • Keep the Home Page Simple
  • Advert New Products
  • Display Cool Videos
  • Give Product Search Options
  • Help Them to Navigate
  • Explicit Shopping Cart Details



And last, but not the least, you must provide your customers with easy and convenient checkout process. If possible, offer one-page checkout. To ensure that all the above aspects are in place, it would be a good idea to hire Magento developer for your website!


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Odoo: An Application Suite with High Customization Capabilities

ERP isn’t a hyped concept. Especially when it comes to large enterprises; investing into a good ERP software has become crucial. Since its introduction in the 20th century as a basic software, to being the most adopted IT solution; ERP has come a long way. It gives your business a competitive edge by integrating different functionalities into a single application.


Odoo is one such complete suite of business application. It is free for unlimited users when hosted online. Its USP is that the entire system revolves around a collection of apps. These apps cover everything, right from warehousing and production to payroll and purchases. If you go through different aspects of Odoo, it turns out to be the best application when it comes to serving the needs of large organizations. It helps to cut down unnecessary time and costs. In case you outsource Odoo developers, they can customize the suite with scaled approach and powerful features.


Why Odoo is a perfect fit for your business?


Today, some ERP applications find it difficult to communicate with each other during data migration. Odoo ERP caters to different functionalities under one system. Now, let’s go through some attributes of Odoo that will help you hire Odoo developers:


  1. Perfect User Interface
  2. Flexibility
  3. Powerful Features :- The document management system, HR application access, etc...
  4. Data Centralization
  5. Modular Structure
  6. No License Fee
  7. Better Business Decision Making
  8. Eliminates Manual Processes


Grow your business


It’s time you replace your entry-level software with the best ERP solution in business! To choose the best fit you can consider these factors:


  • The Operation Complexities
  • Growth rates
  • The Demand Fluctuation Degree
  • Production
  • Procurement Lead Time
  • Size of the Company

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Advanced SEO Techniques for Better Ranking of Your Website in 2019!

Say “S”
Say “E”
Say “O”
Say “SEO”

No matter how loudly you may reiterate the word or flaunt your knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, your presence on the world wide web is sure to go unnoticed if you do not have a process in place. If you want the right people to see you, you must be aware of some Advanced SEO techniques that can provide you with better traffic, substantial leads, and enhanced sales. This raises two questions. One, do you know of the latest Google Algorithms and updates? Do you have SEO strategies in place for the year 2019?

The Bucket Brigade Copywriting

The term sounds like a dressed-up Grammar Nazi standing on your door ready to take you on a copywriting March doesn’t it? Well, in a way it is. Just when you thought SEO writing is just about keywords, you may be wrong. If you want the visitors to visit your blog section and continue reading, you must give them some value out of it. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you need to get the mediocrity out of your content.

Try approaching a company that offers Digital Marketing Services and go through their sample articles. The write-ups must be persuading and smooth flowing. Each paragraph should use the Bucket Brigade Technique and work as a connector between two paragraphs. Phrases like “You know what?” “And that’s not it.” Etc. can make a huge difference. These bridging words and phrases might not sound like an SEO technique, but they boost your Flesch Readability Scores and go a long way in helping your website rank well.

Spend Time in Keyword Research

Having innovative ideas for blog posts is great. However, you must also know about the relevant or the most search keywords. Only then, you will be able to create content on the terms people are looking for. Moz Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Finder and KWfinder are some of the SEO tools you can make use of. Thereafter, you can enter your target keyword and go through the search volumes for that keyword.

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What Makes Magento a Stepping Stone to Success For Ecommerce Businesses?

Magento, an open source e-commerce platform, is one the best CMS than can tackle your eCommerce orders and appropriately assists the online merchants to make the ‘User-based requirement site.The realm of ecommerce is growing exponentially. It's not new to spectacle a new ecommerce store mushrooming every other day.


If you have been mulling over the idea of migrating your business online; you might have approached some companies that can help you. They would probably suggest you with different platforms that you can build your online store on, confusing you even further. But if you are looking for a smart and efficient platform that suffices the needs of you and your customers, Magento is a platform to go for.


Magento, an open source platform is the first choice of several renowned brands globally. Moreover, they have experienced better sales growth after implementing Magento based website. Through this article, we intend to give you a better idea about how Magento development services can help you achieve the success that you have been aiming for.

So, without much ado, let's get into knowing about Magento and the benefits of choosing it.


  • Handle Store Requirements Efficiently
  • Go Mobile Friendly
  • Enjoy the Integration Flexibility
  • Services within Your Budget


A lot of resources will tell you that Magento is an open source, it is secure, it is SEO friendly etc. But hey, that is something you would expect out of any superior quality platform, wouldn't you? Magento is much more than that. It ensures that you have a functional online store and you get better sales conversions. Over the years, it has proved itself to be the most feature-rich, reliable, and scalable website platform. Make sure you make the most out of it!


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Challenges Face During IIoT Implementation and How to Overcome Them?


‘Internet of Things’ – is a concept heard of, for sure. ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ – might be a fairly new concept for you. Industries that are willing to boost their productivity by working smoothly, safely and efficiently often opt for IIoT solutions.

Recently, Forbes questioned 500 executives about the challenges they face while working with IoT capabilities. Out of these, nearly 29% said that they had issues with the average quality of IoT technology. Well, this isn’t quite surprising as IoT can do a lot more than it does right now. It should support an array of standards, devices, and vendors while transmitting data. A lot of companies have issues when it comes to the adoption of industrial IOT as it is overwhelming and they don’t know where to start from.

So, what are the potential challenges that companies face when it comes to IIoT implementations and how can you overcome them? Let’s find out:

Integrating IIoT Solutions

Merging Information and Operational technologies is the biggest challenge that companies face today. This is because, they have to merge the two securely. That too, without data loss. Also, it brings a lot of financial and logistic inconvenience.

During such times, some prefer an independent industrial IOT solution. But when it comes to merging IT & OT, connectivity goes missing. Moreover, this asks for companies to replace the equipment or cope with faulty connectivity.


Another challenge for IIoT technologies is security. If there is a security breach, it affects companies up to a great extent. Today, as industries use an array of IIoT solutions, it makes them vulnerable to hacks, security compromises, and the risks associated with IT convergence.

And let’s say, the companies consider the security while selecting the technology. In that case, they might not be able to find a complete cyber security solution that they are looking for. This is when IIoT ends up sounding like a hype if it doesn’t come with robust security features.

Visibility and Connectivity

Once you install IIoT technology and have the machines in place, you need to check whether they provide you with the best outputs. And that too, in real time. In order to find discrepancies and address the errors before they occur, you need to keep updated with the well-being of machines.

Sometimes, you will experience glitches in synchronization in case of power blackouts, technical errors, and internet outages. In such cases, you might have to remove connected devices from the network. As and when you make your systems global, IIoT might bring about more challenges for you.

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Why Should You Move to CRM from the Existing ERP?

When it comes to investing more in technology, it appears to be a tough decision for companies. Though such investments deliver a good return, it happens in a long run. The problem here is, it asks for the business owners to be deep pocketed as of that moment. One such decision: is it good to upgrade your existing ERP system or move on to a CRM solution investment? And will it return more for the time and money invested?


Technology As A Competitive Edge


Today’s fast-moving fashion, retail, footwear, luxury, outdoor and consumer products are the trend. Market has an intense need for such products as they are trending. Here, the core need is to get these products into market faster and more efficiently than ever. With more product cycles squeezing into every season, building and sustaining brand equity becomes more important. And you can achieve this with high-quality, innovative products that give you a competitive edge in today’s market demand.


Return On Investment


Two key technologies, ERP and CRM hold the majority as business solutions for most of the businesses.   Both are work as a back bone across various industries. It is driving the fast-moving consumer goods for brands, retailers and manufacturers. Here, each technology brings unique value to an organization. So, deciding which system is the better investment to make— and when—can have a dramatic impact on your ROI.




Dynamics CRM Solution is one of the best CRMs to manage the inventory. It will give you a better insight on all products. Also, it enables your product range to never miss the marketing window explore the best of your online marketing campaigns. The best thing about CRM is the capability to know customer needs and understand the performance patterns of it.


Why Should You Choose CRM over ERP?


ERP stands or Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Both explains a lot with their names. Whether you are operating a warehouse for you vendors or a manufacturer who has to maintain a huge stock. In all cases you will have to plan your resources and will also have to deal with your customers.


Top 10 Reasons to use Dynamics CRM Services for Supply Chain Management:


  • Reduce Data Entry
  • Improve Purchasing
  • Automate Tasks
  • Improve Warehousing
  • Improve Procurement

Read more reasons in full article.


So, if you are also thinking to get a new tech support for your enterprise, CRM is the right choice for you. Specifically talking about your inventory and warehouse, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development will be the best pick.

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3 Ways Dynamics CRM Takes Analytics to the Next Level

Technology is the key for customers experience. And it works as a major driver to make them happy. But since its inception, the road of adaption of tech tools has been tough for them. It brings lengthy and costly implementations, inflexible software, and poor user adoption. Even today, many organizations witness this reluctance. Are you one them? If you are, Dynamics CRM is the remedy.


Through Dynamics CRM, Microsoft is helping companies to meet challenges with an easy to use and a powerful solution. It enables organizations to run quick and cost-effective work process with the flexibility to meet their unique needs. Moreover, you can equip your taskforce with easy access to customer data through a full suite of marketing, sales and customer service capabilities. Opting for Dynamics CRM Development renders umpteen benefits.


Let’s see how Dynamics CRM assist you to take crucial Business decisions.


MS Dynamics CRM: Driving Your Business Decisions


  1. Decide Right Amount of Marketing Investment
  2. Optimize Your Online Campaign
  3. Create Effective Sales Strategies


Deliver Superior Service


Quick access to customers’ insights is the USP of every CRM software. Dynamics CRM takes this USP to the next level. It gives access your employees with quick customer data, case management modules, user history. Along with this, they also get tools that help them to deliver consistent, efficient services. In a broad spectrum, it will help you to get customer loyalty and render more satisfaction. This way, you can drive customer service flow in a better way.


It also helps businesses to build Dynamics CRM customers portal and works as a complete customer service solution that is familiar to users. You can design such customer portal by hiring a Dynamics CRM Development Company. These portals are fully customizable to match your process and allows you to add all the business features that you want. It will also help users to access their information anytime they want.


Let us have some glimpses on how you can achieve a better system ecology with Dynamics CRM:


  1. Actionable Insights
  2. Personal Engagement
  3. Customer Management
  4. Sales Performance


Opt the best CRM technology for your business and drive the best out of it. Dynamics CRM Development will assist you to make you Field Service efficient with better project service.


If you want to know about this CRM, Then Click the link below and read the entire blog.


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Android VS iOS - Choosing The Right Technology Market For Your Apps


Android Vs iOS. The duel between these two mobile operating systems has been going on for over few years and we all have been witnesses to it. This competition is not just between the Android and iOS users; but also, between the businesses that exploit these technologies. On one hand, Android has been spearheading the market share due to its availability across different price ranges. And on other hand, Apple, despite of having comparatively lesser number of devices sale, has still maintained a handsome share in the global market.

Several businesses planning to provide an app to their customers are confused as to whether they should hire Android developer or an iOS one. Well, it is difficult to choose between the two if you do not have a good understanding of both the markets and what are the ways in which they can benefit you. Once you get a clear understanding of it, you would be able to make a better choice. So, what are the factors you can consider before zeroing upon one of the technologies for your app? This blogpost will provide you with some insights about the same.

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How Ionic Application Development Proved to Be Best Option for Airbus Hybrid App?


“Two Together are Great, Especially When They are Best in the Business.”

Ionic is one of the world’s leading hybrid app development frameworks. It has taken the arena of mobile app development to a whole new ease. Another similar pinnacle of a business is – Airbus Helicopters. Would it be fun to compare how one used the other? And, produced something of greater value?

A few days back, both these “Best is the Business” brands worked together. Both the brands collaborated and developed a dynamic mobile app. An app that is data centric with Ionic’s effective and efficient ‘Hybrid’ approach. The reason behind the Airbus’ pick of Ionic Development Company for their app is the next level technology support that Ionic offers.

Why Ionic for Airbus?

It is only a few years ago, attempting to develop mobile apps using JavaScript was nothing more than a quirky effort. But doing that was like trying to build an iOS and Android app without coding with Java and Objective C. Nowadays, what was once a quirky experiment is increasingly gaining acceptance. Today, it is an alternative approach to the native app development approach. Hybrid mobile app frameworks are playing as the driving force of this significant shift.

With these specialties, Ionic Application Development becomes first choice to top organizations. Same way it became first choice of Airbus. The pro features of Ionic frameworks, big brands prefer to hire Ionic Development Company for their mobile apps. It is helpful in a way that it can even a non-tech savvy user can create a native-like app without coding with Java and Objective C. They can simply use only web-oriented tools and SDK to develop a hybrid app.

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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration - The Ultimate Guide (Updated 2018)

Magento 2, the transformed version of the Magento Ecommerce Platform, comes with a brand new architecture, coding structure, and database design. The support for Magento 1 will end soon. Already the best minds in the ecommerce development industry are focused on making Magento 2 a successful ecommerce platform.


Magento based ecommerce stores are a visual delight for online shoppers. Moreover, they have been offering excellent flexibility and scalability to the business owners. But what about the superior performance of the website once the e-store has been set up? How do you ensure that your website has enhanced features and excellent UI? Well, the best way to do so is to upgrade the version of the platform and make a transition to the latest version. Yes, we are talking about Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration here.


if you befall in the category of Magento e-store owners who are happy with the Magento 1 comfort zone and are afraid to make the big move; this article is for you.


We are here with a guide to help you make a flawless translation.


  1. The Magento 2 Move: Why It Isn't as Difficult to You Think It Is?
  2. Be Bugs Ready
  3. Exporting the System
  4. The Backup Time
  5. Update Data to Match the Domain
  6. Time to Migrate
  7. Get Testing


Once all Magento migration processes are successfully over, do not forget to test the Magento 2 store thoroughly to ensure that everything functions properly. Going from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is no easy task, but with enough planning and attention to detail, you can pull it off with little-to-no downtime.


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Why Choose Xamarin For Your Next App Development Idea?

Xamarin, as you all know, is a framework which helps mobile app developers to develop different kinds of mobile applications for iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform. It is usually written in XAML or C# languages. As the languages like Java, Swift and Objective C are easy to learn, developers find Xamarin easy to learn. It is also possible for the developers to use visual studio set up and code cross-platform application in XAML or C#.

As the code of C# is compiled into native code, your application will work like the apps that are developed with Native technologies. Several popular companies like Xamarin, Slack and Pinterest have chosen Xamarin as the mobile development platform. Through this blog, we intend to bring to you some of the reasons why you should you go for Xamarin App Development Services and use Xamarin for your next app development idea.

Easy Development Environment

Developers can commence with Xamarin development using Visual Studio on Mac or Windows. In order to develop iOS based apps, you must have macOS. Although it is possible to use visual studio for coding and deployment, Mac becomes necessary for licensing and building purpose. The same applies to Android applications. When developers want to craft them, they should have Android SDK and Java installed in their systems. However, in order to build windows-based apps, one doesn't need to use Xamarin. Instead, you can share C# code for Android and iOS. If you approach a Xamarin App Development Company, they would be able to guide you better about these rules.

Excellent Native UI

Xamarin applications are compiled with native code and run natively through user interface controls. When you go for Xamarin Mobile Application Development using native technologies, it provides you with a superior quality performance. This quality of performance is must, especially when it comes to gaming apps. It also provides you with gesture and action controls like scroll and swipe to make the movements natural and smooth. Using Xamarin, it becomes easy for you to work with the underlying platform API. As it enables you to create libraries based on native technologies, you can also reuse the written code while building your app.

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