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Your Complete Guide to ReactJS

The programming world has thousands of programming languages starting from A to Z. Every day we wake up, there's a new language added to the library. In fact, the top IT companies now have started coming up with their own programming languages solving one or the other issue and they promote them a lot as well.


Over the past few years, ReactJS has been growing drastically and is rising to fame among the developer circles. All thanks to Facebook for promoting it correctly. We can say that 1 out of every 10 software developers turns into a ReactJS developer.


Facebook engineer, Jordan Walke, developed ReactJS and introduced it first with Facebook Newsfeed, and later they introduced it on Instagram. As we witness today, both of them are successful products having millions even billions of users monthly.


But what is it actually? What are the unique features of this language? Let’s explore more.


What is ReactJS?


It is an open-source JavaScript library useful for building user interfaces. It handles the view layer of web and mobile applications and allows developers to easily create reusable UI components.


Developers can create large reusable web application components using ReactJS. The advantage of using it is you can change the data on the web page without reloading the page. Also, ReactJS is fast, scalable, and simple to use. Additionally, you can combine it with other JavaScript libraries or frameworks like AngularJS.


With the daily growing craze and number of programming languages, there are few things that help ReactJs stand out from the crowd.


Let’s understand some of the unique features of ReactJS:


  • JSX

JSX is an extension JavaScript which is one of the features of ReactJS. It helps in creating ReactJS elements efficiently and also includes both logic and markup saving a lot of time. It is faster than JavaScript and allows the writing of logic and markup in the same file. Moreover, it makes creating templates easier.


  • Data Flow

In React, the set of immutable values passes the components and renders them as properties in HTML tags. The component can directly modify properties and can also pass a callback function with the help of which we can modify. The complete process is known as properties flow down or actions flow up.


  • Document Object Module

ReactJs creates an in-memory data structure cache which handles the changes made by the developer and updates the browser. It allows them to code the whole page and render each component. On the other hand, react libraries have components that can be changed in real-time.


Now, comes the main question. Why should you use ReactJs for your projects?


With the ever-changing frameworks in the frontend world, it becomes very difficult to learn all of them and have a grip over it. So, let’s understand the reasons why ReactJs is ahead of other programming languages and is today loved by thousands of companies and developers for their frontend development.


  • Easy to learn:

Any person who has a basic knowledge of programming can quickly learn ReactJs. All it requires you to learn is the basics of HTML and CSS. Even if you have just started with the programming and are exploring languages then also you can easily learn it.


  • Reusability of Code:

With ReactJs, reusing code becomes easier. You just need to write the code once and you can reuse it in iOS, Android, and web development. This makes tasks easy for you and coding becomes more efficient.


  • Data Binding:

ReactJS uses unidirectional data flow binding. The benefit of one way data binding is it gives you better control over your application. If the data flow is bidirectional then it requires additional features as components become immutable and data within them does not change. To keep the data unidirectional, it uses Flux. It makes applications flexible and increases their efficiency.


  • Performance:

Currently, no other programming language can beat ReactJs in performance. Its features including simplicity, easy to learn, mutable components, etc. make it better compared to other frameworks. The main reason behind its performance is that it uses virtual DOM. It is a cross-platform and programming API which uses HTML, XML, or XHTML. The DOM is in-memory so when we create a component it does not write directly in DOM. But, we write it in virtual components and this turns into DOM leading to smoother and faster performance.


Final Words:


ReactJS is useful and loved by many people in the programming circles because of its robustness, easy to learn, simplicity, and many other features. There are many React Js development companies that are growing at a rapid speed by providing ReactJS services and currently, even developers are in high demand. The recent version of it is 16.13.0 with better bug fixes and better warning features.


Source: https://maulikshah1.blogspot.com/2020/07/your-complete-guide-to-reactjs.html

6 Challenges an Estore Owner Faces and How to Overcome Them

The Internet is one of the revolutionary innovations of the twentieth century. It connects people from across the globe. A place where we can get almost anything. And to businesses, it gives new dimensions by letting them add new avenues and explore their industry further.


Yes, you heard it right. Today people are not using it just to connect with each other but millions of businesses have come online as well. Big e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal paves the way for small and medium-sized enterprises to come online and connect, serve customers from across the globe.


And looking at the constant market growth of eCommerce solutions, today, thousands of businesses are online connecting with their customers. An eCommerce market is a proof that online is the place to be if you want to make your business global.


But, a lot of heart and sweat goes in running an online estore. If you are a business owner, thinking to set up your online store but stopping because of the challenges or don’t have a clear idea of the challenges you might face and how to overcome them, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Let's dive deep into the challenges you might face while setting up your estore online and how you can overcome them.



1. Developing an Online estore:


This is the first step to take your business online. You can hire an experienced IT company that provides eCommerce development solutions and understands your needs and business requirements clearly. They will help you with developing and setting up your online store. Not only that but slowly as your company grows they will also add new features according to your business’s requirements.


A good eCommerce solution provider will make sure your online store is easy to navigate, has a good UI/UX, and that the theme of the website matches your company’s logo, mission, and vision.


2. Managing your Online Presence:


Your technical partner’s work does not end by just developing your website. You can choose to opt for their extra services like digital marketing to reach the right audience or you can choose to do it yourself as well. The aim is to promote your brand and products online via SEO, PPC, content marketing, or many different techniques. This will help you have a good online presence on different platforms, increase traffic on your website thereby increasing your revenue. All these strategies will eventually help you in growing your business, taking your business global, and getting more customers.


3. Getting and Retaining Customers:


This is one of the major challenges that most companies face. With the ever-growing eCommerce market, you need to provide value for your customers’ money to stay ahead of the competition.


As customers are the king of any business, good service is the key to get and retain the customers. Look at the products and services provided by your competitors and learn from them as to what other things you provide your customers. Providing valued service will slowly but surely help you to grow your business. Ask your customers to share their feedback once they make a purchase with you.


Feedback plays a vital role in any online business. Most customers check reviews before making a purchase. So, this can definitely be one of the ways to get new customers.


4. Reaching to Customers:


As a business owner, you need to understand the ways of reaching out to your customers and vice versa. Create a unified platform for them to reach out to you hassle-free. Or you can branch out and create social media accounts, online customer support, toll-free numbers, customer portals, etc.


If your customers face any issues with your product or service and if you are just a few clicks away resolving their issues, then this will help your reputation as a brand. Nowadays, customers are writing their issues on social media platforms as well. So, your support staff needs to be active on these platforms to answer their queries as and when they occur.


5. Cart Abandonment:


Most of the estore owners have this problem. If the customers don’t find the checkout process to be easy then there are chances they will abandon the cart. With the help of your technical partner or ecommerce web development company make sure to develop the checkout process as simple as possible. Make sure it has features like multiple online payment methods, auto-fill address, etc. so it becomes easy for you to deliver products and make your customers happy.


6. Data Security:


This one is a big challenge with the continuous rise in online data theft but you need to attend to it sincerely. As an online estore owner, you will have sensitive data of your customers like name, address, card details, mobile numbers, etc. So, maintaining and keeping them secure is your responsibility. Make sure that your technology partner is using the updated algorithms to keep the data secure.


Final words:

Taking your business online and maintaining it can be a difficult task but once you understand the way the internet works, running an online business becomes easy. Ecommerce platforms can help you reach a larger audience, grow, and leave a mark in the world.




10 Tips to Boost User Engagement ASAP

User engagement refers to the way a user browse through your digital property. Generally, they passively browse it, find out any information or make a purchase. And every interaction point needs to be pleasant for users. Because if it’s not pleasant for users, you would surely find your website lagging behind in search results. Because search algorithms will favor your website only if users find it relevant and stay on it for a longer period of time.


The algorithms will find another website with good user engagement and replace it with yours in SERPs. And a good digital marketing services company can guide through the web of these algorithms. And in case, you want to understand SEO & digital marketing, let’s see how a digital marketing services company or you can improve your rankings through customer engagement.



Engage Users


When you present a piece of content which is interactive, it will create a lasting impression of your brand on your customers. Because it is easy for people to grasp information visually through various video, and audio and other forms of content. A proper SEO services company will help you to strategize, create and present your content it in different interactive ways. Therefore, play around with different content forms in order to see how which has the most engagement rate & strategize further.


Mobile First


According to unbounce study, if your website is too slow, a potential user is unlikely to make a purchase. Instead, 25% of them would find a faster competitor website. Additionally, it is important that your website loads fast on mobile as well as desktop. Customers would stay longer which would directly affect your customer engagement rate.


Get Rid of Technical SEO Errors


Technical SEO of your website should be up to the mark. It is not an ideal scenario if you have a number of unsolved technical SEO errors. For example, if there is a 404 error on any of your page, and if that page is ranking on any of the keywords, it would increase 404 errors in the webmaster. And if you do not bother to publish an updated piece on its place, your traffic and money would go down the drain.


Clean Navigation


When a user comes to your website, it is important that users do not struggle in order to perform simple actions on your website. For example, give a simple task to be done on your website to your friends or any family member. If they find it hard, then it’s an alarming thing. You definitely need to improve the navigation of your website. And Internal linking can help you a lot in this.


Free Knowledge


It is important to educate your users. Users love it when they find something value addition and informative content on any website. They always want to make an informed decision. It is important to share your knowledge of the industry with your users in order to create a positive image. And this overall shows your ability to serve them. When you create something which is useful for users, it helps your target audience to do their jobs better. Believe me, they would love your site!


Site Search


People usually would want to search for what they came for, instead of mindlessly going through the pages of the website. If they are not able to find it, they would leave and find it somewhere else. A well-placed on-site search option allows users to search the available content on your website and navigate seamlessly through your website. It would even help you while writing new content for your website.


CTAs are Necessary


CTAs are an effective aspect in order to increase your leads and sales. And apart from having them on the website, it is important to place them in the right place. For example, after describing all your services and products it is always the right time to remind your customers that they can contact you in order to leverage any required services.


Chat with Them


People love it when they get to interact in real time. They would feel more comfortable when you give them an opportunity to ask questions to expert personnel. Even if they seem confused they would ask you again to make sure they are going in business with industry experts.


Email Them


When you hire an SEO services company to keep your Google rankings high, it is important to stay connected with the leads coming in. And emails are an effective way of getting there. You can always deliver your newly launched value-adding content with them. You can even launch a new subscribe box in order to increase the daily readers on your site.


Wrapping up


In order to acquire new customers via SEO or digital marketing services, make sure that the users landing on your site are getting the best possible experience. A proper digital marketing services company will have an idea about UI/UX as well to help you provide the best experience. It has many pieces which work together as a whole in order to make your business a success. User engagement & experience is one of them. Work on it and success will follow your path.

Do's & Don'ts of Starting an E-commerce Business

Too many people have great ideas. But not all great ideas turn into successful businesses. Or even get off the ground. One of the most common business ideas that people have these days is starting an e-commerce business. It can go both ways depending on how well you plan and execute the idea.


But there is no sure shot formula that works. There are, of course, things that you should and shouldn’t do if you want a successful business.



Let's explore both:




  • Have a Business Plan


This is the most basic thing to do. You have to have a plan of how you are going to run your business and how you are going to take it forward. It is important to know the efforts and investment your business requires. A proper business plan works as a map to guide you through each obstacle. It also works like a planner to help you carry out your tasks one after the other. Preparing a business model first will give you an overview of how your operations should look like.


  • Audience Research


For any business to function, you have to understand the market and to be specific, your targeted audience. This determines how you market your products as well. If you are selling something that targets young adults, you want to use the means and the language that they speak in. but if you are selling something to the old generation, you have to change your medium. Older people are more likely to come across ads on the TV or in the newspaper, as opposed to the internet.


So, understanding your audience should be your priority.


  • Fulfilling Commitments on Time


You must take care to not commit prematurely to a launch date if you are not sure about how much time it will take. Your audience should in no case, be disappointed. The thing that is most likely to delay you is the development. You have to make sure to choose the right platform for your e-commerce store. Out of the many platforms that are available, Magento is your best option because it is mobile friendly, customizable and has plenty of other great features. To make sure that your development process goes smoothly, hire a Magento 2 development company and let them handle it. A smooth, error-free development process can help you come through on your commitments.




  • Unrealistic Aspirations and Expectations


Like any other business, your e-commerce business also has to struggle to get anything close to a profit. You have to pace yourself when it comes to expecting success. In a competitive market, you have to work hard and have patience when it comes to thriving. You have to make sure you put in all the work and deliver a quality shopping experience to make it to the break even.


  • Copy Blindly from your Competitors


There is no fixed pattern that you can follow to take your business to the top level. There are of course certain practices which help in getting success but no sure fire way to get it all. However, this does not mean you copy from your competitors. Everyone conducts business differently. So what you might see at the surface of another business is not all the information that you can simply imitate. You have to work with the resources you have to get the best value for your money.  That gives you a long-term guarantee of achieving long-term benefits rather than quick, fluctuating bouts of successful periods.


  • Try to do Everything Yourself


Having the courage to start-up is half the battle. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of other things to do. As a founder, a lot of responsibility falls on you. You have to learn to delegate your tasks to others who can help you. The first step for this is, hiring Magento 2 developers, to build a great website for you. The best Magento 2 development companies will have Magento 2 developers that are Magento certified. You can definitely trust them to give you top-level service.  Delegating tasks for other parts of setting up too. You have to hire someone to manage your finances, marketing, etc.


This is not a definitive guide but these are some definitive pointers that you can look at so that you don’t get overwhelmed in the magnanimity of starting your business. It isn’t easy for sure, but if you take careful, well-planned steps then it should help lessen your worries slightly.

5 Major Updates to Look Forward to in Odoo 13

Major software updates are the norm now. While we look forward to upgrades in our smartphone operating systems, entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry look forward to ecommerce platforms updates. A platform that frequently updates its features can truly last in the industry.


And one such platform is Odoo. In our post, we are going to explore Odoo’s most awaited update: Odoo 13.


Last year, we saw Odoo 12; it came with a host of updates and new features. To mention a few:


  • Multiple Display Responsive
  • Smoother Onboarding process: Odoobot
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Ready Out of the box
  • Easy Odoo Customization
  • Variety of Payment and Shipping options



Of course, the software industry being as competitive as it is, when coupled with the e-commerce industry, a platform wouldn’t last without at least a yearly overhaul of new and exciting features.


The next Odoo update, Odoo 13 is not too far off in the future. Odoo is set to announce this update at their Odoo Experience event that is to happen in October. It is an event that goes on for 2-3 days where they launch the new and improved functionalities. Additionally, It becomes a hands-on experience for Odoo developers that attend the event.


Let’s see what Odoo users are expecting from the coming Odoo 13 update:


Accountant as a Service:


With upgraded accounting features introduced in Odoo 12, they managed to centralize your business operations. You won’t have to transfer data from Odoo to your accounting software. And with the Odoo 13, they are bringing the exclusive “Accountant as a Service” using which you will be provided with a competent accountant who is well-versed with Odoo software. This means you will be able to get an accountant’s services who is well versed with the Odoo software.


Integration with the Internet of Things:


The Internet of Things is a concept that came in when the internet expanded beyond our mobile phones and tablets. It is in everything now. Therefore, it seems like the perfect next step for Odoo to be compatible with IoT devices. This gives way to the possibility of integrating inventory management tools, that are IoT enabled right in your Odoo backend!


Stock Management:


If your Odoo store is equipped to work with sensors, you could potentially plug in sensors in your shelves at your warehouse which updates & notifies you when the stock dips. This can also be useful in hybrid stores. Hybrid stores are IIoT enabled physical stores which don’t require constant staff attention. Customers can browse and buy items in a physical store, but the products get added to their virtual store account. The concept is new but it might pick up the pace with smooth IoT compatibility with ecommerce platforms.


In-App Purchases:


In the upcoming Odoo update, one of the most awaited features is of in-app purchase. The users will now be able to purchase services right from your Odoo store. Odoo will act as a medium between the service provider and the client. To make the process smoother, the payment will also be deducted from their Odoo account.




With IoT enabled machines, you can monitor them using IoT enabled devices. You will be notified as soon as they require any sort of attention or maintenance. This way you can reduce the downtime and only inspect the machines when required.


Odoo 13 is sweetening the deal by making all the old features better with the addition of these new ones. What will remain to see is how the entrepreneurs who use Odoo adopt these features & leverage their functionality.


Considering that e-commerce businesses are global, it would also be interesting to see how Odoo optimizes these high data consuming features for markets that don’t have high-speed internet. The world, after all, is not all developed, but people all over the world tend to buy and sell things.


For a platform that mainly boasts of its themes, apps and customization capacity, Odoo has indeed come a long way in realizing its customers’ needs.


If you are an entrepreneur who uses Odoo for their online store, make sure to upgrade when the new version is available for smoother functionality as well as newer features.

If you have any questions regarding Odoo development or Odoo customizations, you can contact us here, or comment with your question on this post. We will try to reply to you to the best of our abilities.

All You Need to Know About SugarCRM's Expansion

SugarCRM is a household name in the CRM industry. It is popular for secure, consistent operations. But in a market that is as competitive as the CRM industry, it’s important for them to constantly update & grow its product’s horizons.


The thing about the technology industry is that it is extremely fast-paced and wide. Companies start and end operations every day. Another common thing to happen is mergers and acquisitions. This year SugarCRM is on a roll to acquire a bunch of software companies.


About two months ago, they bought an email integration tool, Collabspot. This tool integrates your preferred email providers to your CRM.



Their latest acquisition, however, is the one we are going to focus on in this article. Last week, SugarCRM made a game-changing move by buying Salesfusion, a marketing automation solutions provider.


SugarCRM hopes to “streamline campaign management, drive personalized engagement, improve conversion and transform customer experience throughout the customer journey,” says Craig Charlton, the CEO of SugarCRM.


He added further that the software seeks to enable marketing and sales people to “take action on customer insights and focus on high-impact value-added offerings.”


Logan Henderson, the CEO of Salesfusion added to this vision by saying that both the firms believed that “the next wave of innovation in B2B is sharply focused on the customer experience.”To understand this merger, let’s see what Salesfusion brings to the table:


  • Drive & Track Traffic


Salesfusion is majorly known for providing its users with a unified platform to perform marketing activities like Social, Search, and SEO. Their in-built suite of these marketing tools helps their users to enhance their brand visibility and increase web traffic. After driving traffic on your website, the Salesfusion software lets you understand engagement and conversions as well.


  • Automated Campaigns


With Salesfusion, users can create smart campaigns to improve their conversion rates. These automated campaigns give marketers the freedom & time to dig deep into the data. Users can create landing pages, professional emails, forms, etc.


  • Nurture


Salesfusion help marketers recognize the customer’s buying cycle stage and allows them to engage the customers with relevant content in order to convert into a paying customer.


  • Analytics


Salesfusion provides extensive analytical tools for greater insights into marketing metrics. After conducting a campaign from Salesfusion, you can easily track its performance and understand what’s working among your targeted audience. This way you can smartly allocate your resources to yield best results.


This merger is set to make life easier for marketers and sales professionals giving them everything on a unified platform.


With Collabspot and Salesfusion, SugarCRM is building its dream team which will directly affect its position in the market.


And as SugarCRM CEO Craig Charlton states that was just the beginning of many more game-changing announcements that would dramatically transform their company for employees, customers, partners, and the industry.


So, if you are a SugarCRM user be ready to get some innovative changes this year.


A little bit about us:


Biztech is an IT consultation and service provider specializing in SugarCRM customization and custom CRM development. We have over 100 satisfied SugarCRM customers where we helped them enhance Sugar’s features and functionalities to match their business requirements.


And as a certified SugarCRM ISV partner, we look forward to taking these newly acquired tools to the next level to give our customers a better experience and boost their businesses to greater heights.


Looking for a suitable SugarCRM customization partner? Contact us here & we will make sure your SugarCRM is up-to-date with the latest technology.

How Automotive Industry is One Step Ahead with IIoT

The internet of things is not a new concept anymore. What began as asking the weather for the day has quickly evolved into asking digital assistants to perform a string of connected tasks. These connected tasks called routines set off one action after the other. For example, once you turn off your alarm, the next action is set into motion to open your curtains, play your morning playlist, and turn on your coffee maker. This happens because of the Internet of things.


The Internet is in the every day things: smart blinds, smart plugs, and your digital assistant’s integration with music services.


According to Gartner, there will be around 20 billion “connected things” by 2020.


Similarly, Industrial IoT Solutions streamline the operations carried out in the factories by connecting all the machines with the internet.

They take the daily taxing, time-consuming, repetitive tasks and automates them. The automation saves a lot of time, resources and reduces the risk of human error.


Let’s explore the internet functions in the automotive industry.



Reasons why IIoT is required in the Automotive Industry:


  • The automotive industry is one that uses heavy machinery to make heavy machinery. Humans are prone to making errors, but machines, when programmed right, have much lesser odds of making mistakes.
  • In the automobile industry, making a mistake even in a single unit can cost someone their life. So a lot of responsibility goes into making vehicles.
  • The requirement of vehicles, however, goes up year after year. In 2019, the automobile industry expects to sell about 79 million units worldwide.

How IIoT is improving the Automobile Manufacturing Process:


Vehicle manufacturing generally happens in two parts, manufacturing of parts and then the assembly of the vehicle. And both the processes need to be precise. An error of a centimeter would render a part useless.


But then the industrial internet of things is not called the fourth wave of the industrial revolution for no reason.


Bird’s Eye View: IIoT solutions show a bird’s eye view of everything. Once equipped in your business, it can also predict the long-term issues your products may face. An intelligent tool can calculate the longevity of the vehicle making hardware that you are using.


IIot solutions will also take care of efficiency. With the help of the right sensors on machines, you can build robotic arms that can carefully carry parts of vehicles from point A to B or assemble the vehicles.


Software Updates: Industrial IoT solutions help you cut down on errors this way. Machines enabled with IIoT can also work round the clock and can be upgraded by software updates.


Predictive Asset Tracking: IIoT also gives the ability to check up on the health of the machines itself. Generally, in an automobile manufacturing factory, production stops every month to conduct maintenance. With predictive asset tracking, the machine will be able to alert the support staff whenever it requires maintenance. This means production doesn’t need to stop until it is actually necessary. It means that the sales target is easier to achieve and the industry can fulfill customer demand effectively.


Similarly, you can configure asset tracking into the vehicles themselves. A vehicle that alerts the user about services, or feature breakdowns, could potentially avoid road accidents and help keep people safe.


Industrial IoT solutions are a boon to large factories. They can help make a safer and efficient work environment. Of course, in an industry like the automobile, it also helps move things along faster, just constantly churning out profits.


25% of the automobile industry has already implemented IoT solutions and are going to increase their R&D budget to 27% in lieu of the 19% that they spend today. This industry is leading the IIoT implementation among other ones that also use heavy machinery.


In the end…


I would like to emphasize the importance of the fact that technology moves forward every day. Adding IIoT to your machines prepares them for a future of innovation, and gives you the benefits before the rest of the industry joins the club. It secures your business from falling behind.


If you are looking to integrate your machinery with IIoT, Biztech can help you with that. Contact us here for further inquiries.


P.S. Stay tuned to know how IIoT is enhancing the driving experience.

Creating Customer Experience: A New Wave of Change

Do you want to grow your Business? Of course, you do.


The actual question that keeps going in your mind back and forth like a pendulum is how you do that? While there is a plethora of tactics, ideas, strategies in your head, sometimes it becomes hard to decide the starting point? What do you focus on?


Especially in the ever-growing IT industry where new businesses and entrepreneurs are booming every day, your business should leave a powerful impact on customers to become successful.


When you own a business you might be working with multiple companies that handle your business operations from development to marketing. As they have their own specialties. But there will be instances where your web partners will have to collaborate on multiple projects and keeping them aligned can be a bit trickier for you. Sometimes their methodologies might not match with each other creating conflict which can delay your projects.


Your development team might not agree with the suggestions that your marketing company feels are best suitable. So, what you can do?



The best solution to avoid such cringe-worthy and unproductive situations are to find a solid web partner who works on all the aspects simultaneously. The industry experts call this methodology “CX”. A firm that will that does it all! Might seem like an unrealistic suggestion but we know what we are talking about.


Read ahead and by the end of this blog, you will be agreeing with us on all fronts.


What is CX?


CX aka Customer Experience is how a customer interacts with the company throughout the customer lifecycle. Customer experience focuses on how a particular customer feels during the interaction with the brand. And don’t confuse customer experience with the interaction customers have with the customer service team.


Customer service is definitely an integral part of customer experience but that’s not the only thing. When we say customer’s interaction with the brand that means we are talking about all the touch points. How your customer navigates on your website, how he makes a purchase, how your product team onboard them, how you educate them throughout the sales lifecycle, and lastly if anything goes wrong, how your customer service team interacts with them.


All these interactions put together makes up for the customer experience.


To create a proper customer experience for your customers, you will have to think a step ahead.


As rightfully said by Steve Jobs: You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.


You have to get in the brains of your customers and figure out what it is they need or what they are doing which can be done in a more efficient way. And that’s how you create a delightful customer experience.


Customers have a fickle nature.


They would easily switch to another brand if they do not feel delighted. It will cost you an arm and a leg and ultimately impacts negatively on your brand.


Therefore, enterprises are considering working with companies who can create a customer experience that will increase the customers brand loyalty resulting in increased sales and brand value.


As per the studies from salesforce, 75% of customers expect a consistent experience whenever they engage with your business. Another study states that, 81% of companies recognize customer experience as a competitive differeantiator.


Basically, what we are saying is that find a company which can develop your website or app in accordance with the expert marketing inputs helping you create an experience.

An experience worth coming back to!


Understanding CX at a deeper level:


When you strive for the success of your services or any product, in particular, all the elements should be in alignment and synchronized. And CX is an umbrella which involves all the essentials mandatory to make any venture a success. Let’s understand how at a deeper level.


CX forms a whole journey of customers and is composed of various touchpoints for the entire process. Starting from the Development, User experience(UX), Branding, Marketing, Project proposals, Invoices, Social Media and so on. Reasonably one can say that it focuses on all the elements for a particular span of time.


According to the data, CX improves profitability. In fact, the revenue of businesses with great CX is 5.1 times more than a normal business. A business with great CX impacts positively on higher retention rate, new customers, cross-sell, upsell, employee acquisition costs etc. Another study state that customers are 4.5 times more inclined to pay premium pricing if their overall experience is excellent.


So, what we are trying to say here is that the more effort you put into your customers, the more they will give back to your brand.


CX: Creating an Impactful Customer Journey


It’s up to you how you want to navigate your customers into your sales funnel. But make sure you form it in a circular loop where your customer is coming back to your brand for a particular product/service. You can decide on an ideal customer journey from the beginning. It would look something like this:


  1. Exposure to offerings
  2. Click Action
  3. Purchase Requirements
  4. The Purchase
  5. Support
  6. Exposure to offerings


Here, the most important last step is depended on the first one. It includes the impression of a brand which creates an image to make them visit your website again. This can be possible only when all the interactions with your brand creates a positive experience for your customers.


How to Get There?


It all starts with a clear vision. Have a clear idea about how you want to elevate your CX to a certain level. Your development firm can help you to assess what your current CX is like and which areas need improvement. Immediately.


One of the major rewards of working with a firm that can create “Customer Experience” is that you can align your marketing and development efforts. Because even if you have a website which provides a complete superior experience, but is falling short from the marketing efforts you won’t be able to identify the root cause and you might experience downfalls in your business. As digital marketing services are a prime part of any successful business, you need to make sure that you present a well-dressed picture of your business on all fronts .i.e website, social media, emails, customer service, etc.


For more information on this topic, you can get in touch with us or simply drop a comment to this post. Let’s create a foundation for your business that allows your customers to experience the spectacular digital experience, which eventually grows your business.

This is What Makes Odoo A Great E-commerce Platform

The move to the internet happened years ago. We have come a long way from performing simple tasks like sending electronic email to having complex e-commerce stores for everything that we could possibly need.


Electronic stores range from small niche stores to large ones that sell everything. It is a market that is ever expanding. If you are looking to get into the e-commerce business, there is always space. However, that does not mean that it doesn’t require effort. You have to take a lot of crucial steps before you can have an online store up and running.



Once you decide what products you want to sell, how much product customization you want to offer, your business strategy and your team, the last & very important task left to do: the actual building of that store. And building an online store is no easy task. First, you have to figure out what platform you want to build your e-commerce store on, and there are plenty of great options for that, like Magento, Odoo, Shopify, and WooCommerce. You have to figure out your needs and compare them with the features these platforms are offering and then based on the comparison you will need to select one.


Out of all of these, Odoo is easily one of the best. But why is it the best? What makes it stand out? Well, here are a few things:


  • Customizable for various devices:

First things first: the ease of an e-commerce store is that your customers can log on from any and all devices they have. For this, it is important that the user experience remains consistent on all devices of various screen sizes. With Odoo, that is possible. So, your customer can switch over to a tablet from a laptop, or a smartphone and they will see the same store, with the same functionality. A good user interface is what keeps the customer coming back to a particular web store.


  • Theme store:

The theme of your store is an important part of the user interface. A hard to navigate or a web page which is hard on eyes is off-putting. Odoo has a palette of themes for you to choose from. A good theme will help lead your customers to browse your store more often, look at products in more detail than just the initial page and spending more time on the store. A user interface that highlights your product is a user interface worth investing in. Moreover, there are many Odoo customization companies which can create personalized Odoo themes, plugins or extensions, and more for your Odoo e-store.


  • An assortment of apps:

Odoo apps make for great add-ons to your online store. There are apps that you can add to enhance your store, like an invoice template or an app that helps you with search engine optimization, or even one that gives you additional templates for the sales order. These plugins or extensions help you get the most out from your Odoo platform.


  • Product Customization:

No matter what products you are selling, if you wish to give various options in it of size or color or material etc. you can easily do that with an Odoo based store. It is a great way to retain your customers and decrease cart abandonment. Customers will have choices and catering to those choices will go a long way for your store.


  • Conversion tools:

Odoo has a bunch of tools that help convert the customer’s visit, to sale. Depending on what someone puts in their cart or is frequently looking at, Odoo enables you to offer coupon codes or send email reminders. It also helps you upsell or cross-sell a product, which means it offers accessories or complementary products to the ones that a customer puts in the cart.


  • Payment options:

Odoo gives you multiple payment options for your web store. You can enable the ones you want. When you provide your customers with multiple ways to pay, they are likely to end up buying the product because of the convenience factor alone.


  • Shipping options:
  • With Odoo, you get a lot of shipping options. Connect your store with the ones you want, to ship your product easier. When people see popular shipping partners on a store, they tend to trust that store more with handling the product they order. Therefore, the more options your store has, the more customers you will have coming back to your store.

So, there you have it! Now, these were the benefits of using the Odoo platform for your store. But that’s not the end of your e-commerce journey. The bigger task again is to use that platform to actually build the store and then to add the necessary extensions in order to create streamlined business processes. However, what makes this slightly better is that you can outsource this. You don’t have to suddenly become a developer to get this done. Find the right Odoo development company and give them this task. Just like that, your e-commerce store will be ready!


Have any questions regarding Odoo or any E-commerce platform? Feel free to comment with your question and we will try to answer the same to the best of our knowledge.

Learn What Makes Odoo the Best E-commerce Platform in under 3 Minutes

An e-commerce store is, after all, a store. When you are walking down a street full of shops that sell clothes, which one are you most likely to go into? Which is the shop that you choose to spend your money at when more than 3 look the same and seem to sell the same clothes? There are companies that sell the same designs at a number of stores, but you can go to only one of them. And according to your taste and experience, you pick one store and you keep choosing it over any other shop. Ever wondered why that is?


It is because you went to all of them and your experience at one, was superior to the others. The products were displayed better, the decor was both efficient and pleasing to look at, the prices were comparatively lower and several other factors.


The thing you have to understand is that all of this also applies to a virtual store. As a customer, when you go on to a website to shop, you want it to cater to all your needs. The virtual store, just like a brick and mortar one, is, after all basically made of the same things. A set framework that makes it possible to have a selling and purchasing ability. So the question remains the same. Why do customers go for that one web store to make all their purchases?


The answer to all this is customization.



A web store that appeals to the masses is one that has the most benefits. And when a customer encounters those benefits, all of their needs are fulfilled and that makes them want to stick to the brand. Even if it comes to paying a dollar or more than the market price, the customer will come back because their preferred store lets them have a little more control over how they pay, or how they want the product delivered among many other things.


As an owner of a web store, your long term goal should be to retain your loyal customers, rather than have a fluctuating relationship with many of them.   


When you set out to make an e-store, you can pick from the options available for online store platforms. And you have to make sure to pick one that will give you the freedom to customize your store according to your requirements.


That’s where Odoo comes in.


Odoo is one of the top-notch e-commerce platforms that fits like a glove with various industries because of the customization it offers.


Other reasons why Odoo is the first choice of many e-commerce store owners:


  • Open source & License Free
  • Cost effective and Creative Freedom
  • Quick Implementation
  • Single software covering all business needs



But still, the major reason to pick Odoo over other e-commerce stores is the liberty of customization it comes with.


Odoo customization will give your e-store a fresh, personal look and feel, as well as enhance it multifold ways. Your customers will keep coming back for more as long as you maintain the standard of your products and services along with their interaction with your brand.


Odoo customization is not some niche practice either. A simple web search will give you plenty of options for Odoo developers. Of course, as you would with anything that you invest in, it is necessary to know if they are genuine Odoo developers and if they will be able to handle the customization that you want for your store. A simple way to check that is to see if they are Odoo Ready partners. If they are then they are the most qualified to handle any challenges that the development process can have.


The process to follow after choosing the right Odoo Developers:


  • Define your store parameters.
  • Explore the Odoo platform to figure out what boxes you can tick off from your list of requirements and check with your Odoo developers.
  • Selecting an Odoo theme, extensions, and apps to fit with your website.


Once you’ve done the necessary research & have decided all of the above things, you will have to ask your Odoo developers to develop & customize your store accordingly.


If all those things are possible by them, then know that you are getting the best value for your buck; and, at the end of the day what you get in terms of how much you pay for it, is a major factor in determining the success of you as a businessman.

A Brief Summary of SuiteCRM 7.11 and its Features

A customer relationship manager is one of the most basic requirements for any business to function smoothly. So, it would be much better to have something that small businesses can also use as they don’t have much monetary freedom.

That’s where open source software comes in.


SuiteCRM, born out of Sugar CRM, is the best open source CRM available in the market. First and foremost, it is available at no cost. Another neat feature is that you can access the source code of Suite CRM. So, you can tweak to suit your needs.


The open source community is very active and they come up with the necessary features when demand for them rises and in turn, Suite comes out with regular updates by bundling a few of the new features or fixing bugs, every time. The latest major update that SuiteCRM has come up with is SuiteCRM 7.11.



Let’s walk through some of the new features in this software update and understand how they can be useful to the business owners:


Bi-directional sync with Google Calendar:


Google calendar is perhaps the most popular and simple calendar available in the market. Not to mention how perfectly it integrates with other Google products. The calendar is available on multiple platforms and is user-friendly. SuiteCRM now has bidirectional synchronization with Google calendar. This means that when you add an event or meeting in one software, it reflects in both.


Users can simply authenticate this integration with their Google accounts and it will be good to go. It’s a great feature because once the API is set up; the user doesn’t need to access SuiteCRM every time they want to create an event, they can easily do it from Google Calendar or vice versa.




All SuiteCRM 7.11 users will get the benefit of using Elasticsearch. Those of you who are not familiar with it, Elasticsearch is an indexing engine that is able to provide real-time search results, making it very useful to use with your CRM. It was a much-awaited feature for the SuiteCRM users.


Apart from Elasticsearch, users will also be able to configure any search engine they want. It will not be limited to the default search engine or Elasticsearch. Apart from these changes, there are of course a number of little changes in SuiteCRM 7.11 update. Every little bug fix is done to enhance the usability of the CRM and to make a great CRM even better. At the end of the day, the whole point of a Customer Relationship Management tool is to be able to make it easier for the user to get most things done, without any unnecessary hassle.


SuiteCRM offers all the necessary tools that a business requires, no matter the scale of the business. It has great features that make it simple to promote your products to the right customers, and to keep track of all reports regarding the sales cycle. It also has features where you can get specific data regarding a specific group of customers. This makes it easier to track what products are in demand in which markets or what markets have what types of demands.


Summing it up...


A good CRM goes a long way in helping your business run smoothly. It handles a whole lot of functions automatically or with just a few clicks. Running out of stock in the warehouse? Order it right from your CRM! And what makes this even better is that SuiteCRM is mobile responsive (7.2 and above), so you don’t even have to be at a computer to carry out such simple tasks.


With regular SuiteCRM development updates, access to the source code, and its user-friendliness, SuiteCRM is the best option for your start-up or your well-established large-scale business. The fact that it has the support of the open source SuiteCRM development community is helpful. Good, free, open source platform bridges the gap between businesses that have plenty of money to spend and small, growing businesses. Growing businesses can always opt for SuiteCRM development services from their verified development partners and small businesses can benefit from the open source community. Makes up to a win-win situation.

7 Things to Consider for Before Hiring a Magento Developer

hen you are looking to create an ecommerce store, there are a number of steps that you have to go through. You have to figure out what you are going to sell, where you will source it from, who your shipping partner will be, how much you can spend on the whole operation, how many staff members you will need, how to build the e-commerce store, etc.


It can be overwhelming when you figure out that you have to go much deeper into each of these steps to get the value for your buck.


Once you have done all the ground level work, you have to turn your attention to your website.


While it is not your main product, it enables the selling of your products. Therefore, it is important to make it efficient, user-friendly and multi-device responsive.


All of this sounds pretty normal, but to execute it, is much more difficult.


Out of the many options you have of the e-commerce platforms, like Odoo, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc., Magento is the top of the class.


 Magento platform can be utilized according to their available editions. Magento 2 community edition is free of cost and is an open source which is available for all. On the other hand, there is a Magento 2 Enterprise edition for which you will have to spend a lot of money.  If you can invest that much money, then you should definitely go for the Enterprise edition.


When you are done deciding the edition you are going with, the next natural step is to hire a Magento developer to accommodate some customizations for your e-store.

When you are hiring a Magento developer, you can go many ways. A freelance developer, a firm that has more than one developer, and a firm that has Magento certified developers.


Of course, the Magento certified developers are the best option, and if you can go along with them, then they can use their expertise in Magento to help you with your e-store.

You can explore various companies that have certified developers and pick the one that is giving you the most services at a reasonable price in their bundle. At the end of the day, a good web solution shouldn’t empty your pocket. So let’s look at which developers to avoid and what are the positive signs to look for when hiring a Magento developer:


What kind of developers should you avoid hiring?


The wrong kind of developers will charge you exorbitant prices for very little work, try to impress you with a flashy pitch that promises you much more than they can deliver. They will either not honor the timeline they have given for delivery, or not be ready with the full work at the said time. They often lack the necessary team or expertise that they promise.


The following things to check for while hiring Magento developers:


Magento developers that provide more than just basic development services are more valuable for the cost you are paying. There are various services you will need in association with your Magento store.

Here are a few of the things you should make sure to check before signing any deals with the Magento developers:

  • The right Magento developers will be able to understand your business and build your website accordingly.
  • They will not hesitate to show you their portfolio and the cases that they have already worked on. This will help you see what they are capable of and their way of working with clients.
  • You should hire Magento developers who are transparent in their way of working.
  • The right Magento developers will also be able to help you migrate to updated versions whenever necessary.
  • You should make sure to hire Magento developers who will provide the necessary maintenance and support.
  • They should also be able to handle customization of Magento according to your requirement.
  • E-stores generally require some extensions, so it would be beneficial if the developers are able to develop those extensions for your store or integrate ones that are already available on the market to make them work seamlessly for you.


If you take care of these points, then you will have nothing to worry. You will be looking at a long term, supportive partnership with them. And in the grueling world of e-commerce, that goes a long way.

The Future of Magento is Here: Adobe Magento Commerce Cloud

Last year (2018), Adobe acquired Magento for a whopping $1.6 billion. Adobe is recognized for its creative cloud suite of products which includes Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, etc.


But they are not stopping at that. They have stepped into the enterprise software industry with Magento. They have quite an impressive stack of enterprise software that helps businesses with their marketing and data analytical tasks. With their acquisition of Magento, it seems like they might be focusing in on their products in line with the e-commerce business.


Magento was already a big name in the e-commerce market even before Adobe acquired it. But we are sure that this take over is bound to see some of the most interesting updates Magento has seen since its conception.


 If you are on this blog, then you might already have a store on either Magento 1 or Magento 2. Or you might be making a decision about whether to invest in Magento or any other e-commerce platform.


As we said earlier, Magento has a lot to offer with its recent acquisition, so if are at the decision-making stage, then definitely choose Magento. And don’t get overwhelmed, it’s very easy to understand how Magento works and in case you don’t have any idea at all then there are a number of experienced Magento 2 development companies that can assist you.


Point to Note: Make sure to use Magento 2 Development Services of only Magento certified developers.


Now let’s check out the future of Magento: Magento Commerce Cloud


Adobe’s latest addition to their Experience cloud is Magento Commerce Cloud. The Experience Cloud is their effort to get businesses the right tools that enable greater customer experience. As buyers are getting smarter and more informed, there is an increasing demand to delight them. Satisfying them is not enough anymore. And that’s exactly what the Experience Cloud including Magento commerce cloud will help you do.

And in this blog, we are going to shed some light over the topic of Adobe Magento Commerce Cloud and how it can benefit your business:


First, here’s an overview of what the Experience Cloud is:


It's the only end-to-end customer experience management (CXM) solution for marketing, advertising, analytics, and commerce across industries.


And the products included in Adobe Experience Cloud are:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Advertising
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Magento
  • Adobe Marketo


Now let’s zero in on one of their products, the Magento Commerce Cloud:


Magento Commerce Cloud lets the user create a personalized shopping experience which can be customized to the tiniest of details. For example, every visitor on an e-commerce website is at a different stage in the buying funnel. With the Adobe Magento commerce, you can make sure they interact in a specific way with specialized content crafted for that stage only.


And there’s a lot more to it. So let’s have a look at the highlighting features:


One Point Solution:Whether you sell to B2B, B2C or both, you will be able to manage and scale it easily from just one store. Magento Commerce Cloud gives you the ability to manage multiple stores, from a single account.


Progressive Web Apps:


The future is mobile. However, that does not mean that the whole world has access to fast-speed internet and devices that can run multiple applications. The way to reach those customers is through progressive web applications. With the Magento platform, you can make apps that are on the web but still delivering a native app experience. Smooth, right!


Ads that go higher, further, faster:


With direct integration with advertising channels, Magento Commerce cloud helps make top-notch ad campaigns. Machine learning gives you the ability to advertise the right products to the right customer, day in day out, without much effort from your side. And with tools like Amazon Sales Channel and Google’s Smart Shopping, there isn’t much that can stop you.


User Experience:


The central effort of the Experience Cloud is to make the process of selling and buying inviting. The Magento platform has tweaked it’s UX to make handling any task, intuitive, no matter who is handling it. In the end, an online store that is easy to use by the staff, as well as the customer, goes a long way. With tools like search, templates, and a neat and organized dashboard, there is no stopping you!


B2B Quote Management:


A back and forth email routine to set a price for a product is tedious, to say the least. But with the Magento commerce cloud, you no longer have to do that. There is a built-in tool to handle all quotation related communication. This can help avoid any miscommunication and misunderstanding, leading to a healthier b2b relationship.


Inventory and Order Management:


No one wants to put effort into selecting the perfect item, which also fits into the budget, just to see that it is out of stock. If it is out of stock, a customer wants to know when it will be back. Inventory management lets you quickly fulfill the demand in a way that a product ideally never goes out of stock. It gives you a real-time and accurate overview of stock and gives smart, cost-effective ways to source what you need.


Order management lets all your store branches be one huge store. If an item is not available in one store, it lets you order from another. This way, you will not miss out on a sale, and it goes a long way in customer satisfaction.


Intelligent Business analytics:


Magento commerce cloud provides plenty of useful tools to keep a watchful eye on your business and customers’ behavior. You can know which product is doing better, and why. You can also use their data warehouse to look at all of your customers, across various demographics. When you know your customers well, you can easily convert them to loyal customers in no time.


With Magento Commerce cloud, you are also looking at continuous expansion with access to a wide variety of apps, extensions, and integrations.


All of these are features that will help your business, no matter how large scale it may be.

Ready to start your Magento journey?


BiztechCS is among the best Magento 2 Development Company known for its top-notch Magento 2 development services provided by their expert Magento certified developers. You can get in touch with us here.


Author’s Note:


Magento is expanding at an exponential rate and to cope up with it you have to make sure that your Magento 1 store is migrated on time to Magento 2 platform. For that be sure to pick the right Magento 2 Development Company as you will need an expert to safely migrate your data.

5 Top Principles to Market a Business The Right Way

A quote, from one of the most famous writers George R.R. Martin, goes something like “Every flight begins with a fall.”


This is from the world-renowned series “Game of Thrones.” I am sure you’ve also binge watched it just like us.


Don’t worry, this blog post is not about crazy GOT theories.


The reason why we chose this quote was how well we, as a consultant online marketing company, could relate it to the Marketing field and its activities. With Marketing, there is no telling if the current strategy would work better than the last one. There’s reliable data, of course, but the rate at which the market is changing; every strategy has some or the other unpredictable elements.


The field of marketing has changed drastically during recent years the way technology has engulfed the wider area.


Because of the rise of technology, every industry has experienced transformations ― durable products, financial industry, food industry, and many more. The same way, the technology industry with the addition of many fast-innovations, has transformed the way marketers work.


Gone are their days of being limited to the regional target audience, print media, billboards, etc. They have not altogether abandoned the traditional ways but they sure are coming up with unconventional ways to use them.


For instance, this fun and unconventional billboard campaign by Spotify after being recently launched in India can summarize our whole introduction part.



This billboard is crafted keeping Indian Youngsters, the trends they follow and the major Indian phenomenons like the love for Sarojini Market in mind.


So, after carefully observing the market over a period of 12 years, we have summarized the new wave of marketing in an array of principles required to market your business in today’s competitive age.


But first, let’s have a look at the past & present marketing scenarios...


Understanding the Difference: Traditional Marketing vs Digitalization: Modern Marketing


Before the age of Digital marketing, the scope of sending a shout out of your business to customers was difficult. Newspapers and TV ads were the only major platforms available. Marketers had limited space and words to fit their message in the distinguished space that was supposed to capture people's attention and create a lasting brand impression on their mind. Similarly, TV ads would provide 15 -30 seconds slot to run a video ad. The best use of technology at that time was to play


the same ad every time to achieve the fine balance between the viewer’s reach and brand awareness.


One thing that marketers could not crack with these classical ways was the calculation of ROI of the campaigns.


Sure the footfall increased after the campaign but which billboard made the highest impact & in which vicinity, what demographics perceived the campaign well, etc. These questions need to be answered after the campaign to determine the success and failure of the same.


But these limitations were overpowered after the rise of digital marketing.


With the addition of new & scalable platforms to market on, the marketers have the power to personalize the reach out to their customers and even apply retargeting techniques to the highest performing segment of users.


With marketing digitally, the marketers have that power to control the frequency of ads shown to customers, target the limited users to attain the maximum possible results and what not.


Now, let’s explore the modern principles of marketing.


Don’t Just develop, Create an Experience


Initially, it was simple.


A customer comes to your shop, salesperson describes the product features, customers make their choices and purchase the required product. That was it. The entire sales funnel.


There was no meeting point of the marketing funnel and sales funnel.


But today, with the highest importance given to the online presence .i.e your website, it becomes easier to align the marketing & sales efforts. You also have great technology as a backbone to create a website keeping user experience in mind which helps navigate the users to your funnel.


And with everyone bringing their A-game on the web, it becomes necessary for you to educate your users about the products and services.


Suppose you sell t-shirts. So, you need to educate your customers about the product and create a wholesome experience.



And this experience begins with creating a visually appealing product page and then educating them about the product.


When I say educate about the product, it doesn’t mean you have to tell your customers how to use a t-shirt.


What I mean was tell them how your t-shirt is made, what materials you use, how you came up with the design, videos on how to create a look with your t-shirts and all the minute details. Because believe me they would love to know what makes the product they will wear different from the rest.


Don’t forget to add the bad part. The possible difficulties they can face during the usage and how to tackle the same.


Give them a 360-degree view and they will never be disappointed.


A remarkable example of it is created by the technology giant Dynamics CRM. It educates its users on how to effectively use their products at each & every stage.


Maintain Communication with Customers (Online and Offline)


A company selling products or services regardless of their complexity would be aware of their customers’ behavior. One of the best success strategies is to make the most of customers’ time and to cater their needs at every touch point.


Dropping a thank you email after a purchase sure goes a long way but it is not enough to create long-term relationships with them. A defined communication cycle where you send them emails after some days of purchase to ask their experience with the product is equally important.


On the other side, it is mandatory to maintain offline contact with your customers as well. A discussion about your new product features in person could shape a customer’s view about your product more than a small email explaining features.


Big companies like Adobe believes in the power of live events. This company experienced an unexpected level of growth after maximizing their live events. Because nothing can beat the power of the essence of your brand and your customers coming together and forming a relationship as a whole.


Creativity is a Must



Yes, It is necessary. To keep your business going all the way through the decided path.

Even with all these digital transformations, you need to be creative. Creative in such a way that it directly speaks to your audience.


Also, to push your product teams to create a better version of the existing product, marketing efforts and everything else that falls into that space.


It’s quite simple. Once your business gains that stable growth and a defined set of audience, try to expand the horizon of your products.


From a product perspective, think about how you can provide it in a way that provides and help your users to ease their tasks. And from a marketing perspective, what could be another way to maximize the sales of your products. Is it creating new campaigns? Or pitching clients with different pitches to experiment?


Whatever works for you, choose that. And go towards success. It’s right around the corner.


Nurturing: A Post-Sales Custom


Selling a product or service to customers means they are investing not only in your product but in the experience you are about to give them.


While pre-sales activities help you sell the product, post-sales activities make sure the customer continue with your brand as long as possible.


Enterprises, as well as SMEs,  can improve their post sales cycles to eliminate the customer dissatisfaction.


Basically, during this cycle, you need to understand customer behavior towards your product. How are they using your product, what problem is your product solving, when are they using it the most, the go-to feature, etc. An experienced Online Marketing Company will have all the answers to all these questions.


Based on the above-mentioned questions you can try selling more to them by applying cross-sales and up sales strategies. These strategies may differ from customer to customer. This way, you can improve the customer experience via enhancing your engagement with them and improving your revenue numbers simultaneously.


Don’t Do it Alone


You own a business. Therefore, it is important for you as a business owner, to have all the required market knowledge. But a trained Digital Marketing Company could better understand the market and the industry as a whole and can help you in establishing winning marketing strategies.


A Modern Digital Marketing company can offer a wide range of services including SEO, PPC, Marketplace services, SMO, even other website enhancements like creating a user experience which makes it one giant domain as a whole.



In the 21st century, where competition is something you have to combat every day, the best approach is to choose a renowned Online Marketing Company which help you redefine your masterplan to obtain stable business growth.


You can get in touch with us here if you have any queries regarding marketing your business.

Key Indicators that will Help you Pick Digital Marketing Service Providers

Earlier, the internet was not a place one naturally navigated to, to find things or to shop. So, billboards, magazines, radio, and television were the only mediums used to advertise. Sports games would have huge billboard ads, movies would have ads in magazines & radio etc. But over the last two decades now, we have had the internet. The Internet has changed how we market our products and services. It has created numerous jobs that are specific to each and every little part of marketing digitally.

Online marketing reaches every internet connected device.


The best thing about digital marketing is the myriad types of feedback you can get. You can know demographic based requirements, interests and sales conversions. You can see what kind of advertisements convert to sales, what type of content a particular demographic consumes and therefore where to target your ads etc. However, as a business owner you have a lot to do and studying marketing analytics might take up a majority of your time as you might not be an expert in that.


This is where digital marketing service providers come in. Their job is to come up with digital marketing strategies that work for your business. There are too many digital marketing service providers in the market and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. All of them offer multiple, often similar-sounding services and that makes it confusing. It is a rather expensive investment to make, both in terms of finances and your brand image. So, here are a few tips to weed out the substandard digital marketing service provides and some key indicators of genuine ones.


Things to avoid:


  • Lack of verifiable portfolio: If a digital marketing company does not have a sizeable portfolio of clients they have worked with, or are not willing to share that information, that is a huge sign to not work with them.


  • Exorbitant prices: If a company charges you much higher than what is the standard rate for that service in the market, then it is a clear indication that you might have to look further to find a suitable, legit, and cost-effective digital marketing service provider.


  • Unwilling to make promises: If a digital marketing service provider seems inconfident working with your business, and is hesitant in setting marketing goals that convert to positive sales, then they are not going to benefit you. Neither in short-term nor in the long-term.


  • Lack of strategy: Online marketing is a strategy game, and strategies require one to look at the big picture. So, if a digital marketing service provider does not have a long-term strategy that works for you, then you should definitely consider going for a different solution provider.


In lieu of this, there are companies that are willing to go the extra mile with you and for you. A good online marketing solution works only when businesses work hand-in-hand with their digital marketing service providers. So how does one figure out which digital marketing service provider is good for them?


Here are a few indicators of decent digital marketing service providers:


  • Portfolio: A good digital marketing service provider has no issue in showing the companies that they have worked with or are working with. They will want to talk about how they are a part of successful businesses and how they can help you achieve your goals as well.


  • Vision: No matter what your business is, they are capable enough to have a vision that aligns with your needs. They are able to map your progress and build marketing campaigns accordingly. Their marketing efforts will bring you prospects that convert to customers.


  • True to their word: Digital marketing service providers are very good at making promises. If they follow those promises with actions that work for you, then they are worth working with.


  • Economical/Penny-wise: They are economical in their digital marketing services. They carefully plan out what solutions you can spend your marketing budget on. They are not wasteful or hasty about any financial decisions.


  • Compatible: They will find marketing solutions that work seamlessly with your brand. They will talk about your brand in a way that makes you look good instead of making them look good.


Rounding off…


Choosing the online marketing strategies for your business can be a really daunting task, so you should make sure that you keep these indicators in mind when hiring a company. After all, this is a long-term relationship for your business and the one that will control your brand majorly. So, choose wisely!

4 Reasons to Future Proof Your Business With Industrial IoT

Automation of various daily activities is not a new concept. It is something we see and do in our everyday lives. We use the products that are born out of the internet of things. It’s in our smartwatches, home hubs, weighing scales, refrigerators, doorbells, our cars, and a million other products in between. The internet in them enables them to talk to each other. However, IoT goes beyond just our personal use products. It has expanded its reach to machines, factories and what not.

This is the industrial internet of things. It is popularly known as the fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution.


And in this blog, we are going to give you an overview of how it works, how it enhances your business operations and the challenges you might face during the implementation of the same.


How does IIoT work?


The most basic step of using IIoT solutions in your production flow is by integrating the necessary sensors or by switching out with the machines that have with the right sensors. There are two ways to go about it. Either one can build these machines from scratch according to one’s requirement, or one can buy these machines and robots and program them according to their needs.


The sensors you use can be determined by how you want the actions to flow. For movement-based actions, you need a motion sensor, for time-based ones you need to set it up for actions at specific intervals. You can also have temperature-based sensors to get the most productivity based on the changing environment.


IIoT might come with some complications but it has something big to offer us. According to a study, by 2020, 85% of manufacturers plan to implement IIoT solutions in their plants.


This means that they can see the long-term implementation of IIoT and already have a workforce that knows how to use these systems or are in the process of hiring skilled people who are able to integrate IIoT in their workflow.


And if you are still on the minority side of this, then we know the reason why. In our next section, we have listed out the concerns you might have regarding IIoT and of course, the reasons why you should let go of them.


Why are owners scared of implementing industrial IoT services?


  • Data security breaches: The most important part of the internet of things, is the cloud-based system it works on. The data is on a cloud platform. A lot of owners worry about security breaches.


  • Finding skilled workforce: IIoT is a fairly new concept. So, owners are concerned about not being able to find skilled workers for a price that they can afford.


  • Upgrading costs:  Upgrading huge machines is pretty expensive. And without actually seeing the benefits work for them, the owners are hesitant to take the risk of spending a huge sum of money.


  • Production Stoppage: Obviously upgrading machines means production will pause for a while. This means your business might suffer a loss during the process of machine upgradation.


  • Current Workforce Problems: The staff may take a while to learn their way around the new machines, so the once friction-less work environment could be a little more stressful. This may upset the workflow and affect the production process. However, once the training is over and things start to run smoothly, there is no turning back on efficiency.

All the concerns regarding the IIoT are valid but the benefits IIoT has to offer will take your business to another level. Below are the benefits of IIoT:


Reasons Why You Should Future Proof Your Business with Industrial IoT:


Industrial Internet of Things connects the machines in your factory with the internet. The machines can monitor themselves and learn their own behavior patterns making sure that everything works efficiently.


  • Seamless Workflow: IIoT enabled devices work with each other to create a seamless workflow. This gives way to more structured business operations and quality products. IIoT solutions make your machines smarter and help you sell more.


  • Shorter Maintenance Time: The machines work in sync with each other and humans in a particular pattern. Any break in the pattern triggers an alert and notifies the owner. This means that one can repair it immediately. When the maintenance interval is shorter, the production cycle has shorter delays.


  • Efficient Customer Service: Another advancement that IIoT can offer you is the efficient monitoring of all the products you sell. Whenever the products malfunction, your customer immediately gets an alert to bring it in for maintenance or you can offer at home maintenance, depending on the product. Efficient customer service helps establish a long-term relationship with the customer.


  • Enhanced Upselling: As we have already established, IIoT solutions can monitor the products that an owner sells. It is a great way to upsell your original product. Moreover, by learning how customers use a product, and what for, the owner can understand the future requirements of the market and launch new products based on that. The new products can be completely unrelated to the original one, or they could be add-on accessories that enhance the original product.


All the benefits mentioned above have made the manufacturers believe in the Industrial Internet of Things.